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caro's notes

acoustic mirror

art car
all about art cars and "cartists". Evil chaotic version of this:
schizophrenia rides

false harmonics
aka string harmonic

Criticism of copyright.

Center for the Study of the Public Domain
Our economy, culture and technology depend on a delicate balance between that which is, and is not, protected by exclusive intellectual property rights. Both the incentives provided by intellectual property and the freedom provided by the public domain are crucial to the balance. But most contemporary attention has gone to the realm of the protected. The Center for the Study of the Public Domain at Duke Law School is the first university center in the world devoted to the other side of the picture.

Mirror Sound
Lawrence Azerrad and Spencer Tweedy discuss their release of Mirror Sound, a visual portrait that delves into the people and processes behind self-recorded music, with Lauren Turner.

Piero Scaruffi's knowledge base
Piero Scaruffi is an Italian-American writer who maintains a website on which his reviews of music, film, and art are published. He has created his own publishing entity called Omnipublishing, that exclusively releases his books about music and science.

the gate of the year
a poem

a history of anti-fascism: smithsonian mag
anti-fascism and anti-racism are intrinsically connected

video game music
hi-quality MP3s

space age pop music
space age pop, exotica, lounge, cocktail...

library of congress - photochrom prints
as wes anderson said "google earth [from 1890s-1910s]."

indie distributor

red eye distribution
Red Eye Distribution

quarantine casettes
tape makers in the bay area

blank casettes - deltamedia
cute blank casettes

blank j cards
blank j cards

dance studio rentals in gowanus

emoticons fun
good emoticons

webamp skin museum
webamp skin museum

art music technology
art music tech podcast

In-depth electronic music + synth stuff.

marbling explained
marbling blog

How To Develop A Solid Foundation As A Beginner Without Holes
jazz piano school. see also: jazz voicing

diy postings

che cafe
diy space in ca

Why We Need to Leave Record Labels Behind in 2020
Fuck record labels - who needs 'em? See also:
“I lost my identity”: The artists who left major record deals to form their own indie labels

locations for video and still shoots

NewMusic USA - Grants
The New Music USA Project Grants program is funded in part by public funds from the New York State Council on the Arts.

United States Artists - Fellowships
With these unrestricted cash awards and an optional year of financial planning services, awardees have the freedom to determine how to use the funding — be it housing or medical expenses, investing in new studio equipment, or making new work.

fort greene stuff
best things to do in ft greene!

foundation for intentional community

International Pop Underground Convention
the blueprint...

on a whim boutique
cute boutique

arthur pollock
arthur pollock - photography

glossary of pro wrestling terms
see "parts unknown"

africa is a country
new writing on and from the African left

ev grieve
longtime favorite ... need to check more often

the secret life of machines
the secret life of machines

theater games - for writing and acting


fiddle leaf fig care
care for fiddle leaf fig

hawaiian baby woodrose
hawaiian baby woodrose as medicine

hopalong hollow

oxaca city (2, 3, 4)
more mexico
london to mongolia along the ancient silk road
koryo group tours

museum of jurassic technology
city requiliary NYC
holy land usa
bread and puppet museum
dream house

want to visit
museum of everyday life
museum of reclaimed urban space
Tim Hunkin's Novelty Automaton
dirt room

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