How to make music, music theory + more.
See also: Resources for Artists.

Oblique Strategies PDF
Peter Schmidt and Brian Eno's methods for unsticking yourself out of a creative rut.

Grimes - How to Make Music for (almost) Free
This blog post is an old favorite.

Bedroom Producers Blog
An online magazine for music producers with free software and plugins.

Adam Neely
Bassist, composer + youtuber with a wealth of wisdom and information pertaining to music theory (and living your vocation as a musician) available for free on his Youtube channel. He explains musical concepts in a way that's fun, engaging and easy to understand. His Q+A's are especially great.

Kettner Creative
This guy is awesome. He explains audio equiment in a way that's easy for a novice to understand. His tutorials on setting up a sound system and beginner/home audio tutorials are really helpful.

Andrew Huang
Production + music theory stuff. His channel has devolved a bit lately to be more focused on fancy equipment but he has some great tips + insights. A good resource for electronic musicians for sure.

In-depth electronic music + synth stuff.

Music From Outer Space
Build your own synth!!!

Matrix Synth
(Another) synth blog... <3

New York School of Synthesis
An introduction to synthesis by Dean Friedman (of Ariel way on the other side of the Hudson, deep in the bosom of suburbia fame) back in the day. "Solid gold."

Union of Musicians And Allied Workers
Exactly what it sounds like - a union for musicians and allied workers. See also: Freelancer's Union.

Kush After Hours
Production, mixing + mastering wisdom.

Let's Learn Together - Music
Music theory basics and informational curio.

Rob Brown
Great great great Youtube channel for drumming.

Quincy Davis
Another great Youtube channel for jazz drumming.

Tom Tom Mag
The only magazine in the world dedicated to female drummers!

Ted Reed's Syncopation - PDF
The go-to method book for practicing syncopation, available for free!

Andrew Furmanczyk
Great free resource for beginner piano players. Andrew is like the childhood piano teacher you never had. His channel is mostly focused on "traditional" Western music theory and reading sheet music.

Piano With Jonny
Easy piano improvisation for jazz, bepop, blues, etc.

Jazz Guitar Lesson - Phrases Not Scales - Henry Johnson
Nice jazz guitar lesson

diy resources and classifieds from around the world


the stratosphere
crown heights artist space - free jam sessions and networking every monday!

8 ball community
artist collective and creative space close to my heart

project for living artists
gallery & community space in woodside

Brooklyn Library Instrument Loan (!!)
Borrow an instrument from the Brooklyn Library for free w library card!

Synth Library NYC
lending library of synthesizers and recording equipment

band spaces NYC
rehearsal spaces in NYC

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