First, read this: Grimes - How to Make Music for (almost) Free

I personally prefer Garageband to Ableton - Ableton is still good, but maybe makes more sense for electronic music. Ableton Lite comes free with some midi controllers, like the Aturia Minilab. You can also buy a mixer that can act as an interface, like the Yamaha MG10-XU. Having a mixer is useful bc you can also use it for live performances, and plug your monitors (speakers) directly into it. However you can't plug a guitar or bass directly into a mixer - that requires a preamp. Most people use the Scarlett focusrite 2i2 as an interface because it has a built-in preamp.

Recommended gear:
- Computer
- Mic (Good brand: Shure SM-58)
- Interface (Good brand: Scarlett focusrite 2i2)
- Headphones (Good brand: Audio tTechnica ATHM50)
- XLR Cables for connecting the Mic/speakers
- 1/4 inch (instrument) cables for connecting instruments
- Instruments!
- Bonus: mixer (Good brand: Yamaha MG10-XU)
- Bonus: speakers/monitors (Good brand: KRK Rokit)

None of this stuff is 100% necessary (except maybe a computer), but if you have all of the above you can make, beautiful, studio-quality music. Everything else can be learned through Youtube tutorials. Good luck! :)

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